The 312A Led Video light is a very powerful panel light, especially works as an on camera light. There are two versions of the 312pcs lights: Old version bi-color 312AS and New version 312A. The 312A Panel Light only has 312pcs LEDs, but powerful enough and more often used than 500pcs LEDs because of portability. Although Color Changing feature makes for a great LED Light, 312AS is not powerful enough compared with 312A. So 312A has no Color Changing feature, and is equipped with 312pcs bright LEDs to provide super powerful light. We recommend bi-color (312AS) if you need to use indoors and outdoors and want to change the color temperature as you like, and 312A if you need to shoot ONLY outdoors w/ a much more powerful Video light . 312A LED Light features: Two Magnetic Filter Plates The 312 Led Panel Light has magnetic filter plates that simply attach to the front of the LED light just like HDV-Z96. It's a nice feature that many customers like. Super Bright 6580 Lux 312A Light is a super bright (6580 lux) LED with 312 individual LEDs, brighter and more powerful than HDV-Z96. Two Power Supply Methods: 1. Sony NP- F970 ,F550 batteries. 2. Car Charger The 312 Led Light comes with two battery adapters and could use two batteries at the same time. It's very useful for long time shooting. Note: The included home power adapter is Only used for charging batteries not 312 Led Light. Flicker Free / Dimmable 10-100% The 312 Led produces a flicker free light and has a rear facing dimmer knob that can be adjusted from 10% - 100%. Compact Design The 312 Led is very thin and good to carry via the included bag. It's a good choice if you need a more powerful and portable led panel light compare with z96. Note: Pls press the "PUSH" button when you insert or take out the batteries from light.