Two Power Supply Methods:Standard(or Rechargeable)AA Batteries & Sony LF570, F770, F970 ,F550,F750 batteries. Two Magnetic Filter Plates The HDV-Z96 has magnetic filter plates that simply attach to the front of the LED light. Magnetic Yellow Warming filter & Magnetic White Diffusion filter Heat Free LED This light uses LED technology which offers heat free operation only drawing 9 watts of power. Flicker Free / Dimmable 25-100% The HDV-Z96 produces a flicker free light and has a rear facing dimmer knob that can be adjusted from 25% - 100%. Super Bright 800 Lux HDV-Z96 is a super bright (800 lux) LED with 96 individual LEDs, Pure Color Power LED bulbs,40% brighter than most On-Camera LED Panels. 5600K Pure Color Power LED's Equipped with 96 Super Bright, Pure Color Power LED's that produces a very clean and natural color. Compact Design Less than 6" at its longest side 16:9 Wide The wide 16:9 form factor allows the HDV-Z96 to produce a wider, softer light spread without creating any hot spots. Shoe Mount The HDV-Z96 comes with a swivel shoe mount adapter that is perfect for mounting on any DV or DSLR camera such as Canon 5D,7D. Expandable Link System The HDV-Z96 has an expandable link system where you can attach multiple units together using the included link brackets.