Original belongs to their rightfull owner ! // Soo as you can see I renamed her too nanami cause I didn't really liked the old one xD She is my 3rd main girl bacause I kinda like her XD So some information about her c: |Name: Nanami Ishida |Nickname: Nami |Age: 19 |DOB: 26 th August |Affiliation: Konohagakure |Rank: jonin |Team: Ryo & Tai |Other: As you now she is in the team from ryo and is also like an mechanic girl and stuff like that XD, but she can act like a normal ninja too. i mean she goes on missions and stuff like that too xD. She don't really have an element..or never use it and she sucks at genjutsu XD, but she is good at ninjutsu and using weapons c: . She has a lot of wapons like Ten Ten but most of the time she is using poison XD So she infect her enemies with different poision by ehh ...well her weapons have poison/ toxic (or stuff like that/ njaa my eglish D: ) inside so yea XD...the markinh on her face is just ehh...decoration ? xD I think ..well maybe i gonna thin abaout it XDD....Her past was really normal XD so her parents are still a live c: Umm yea her personality...hmm .w. ..idk XDD...I'm suckin at describin characters but whatever XDD hmm ovo..njaa...idk ovo XDD..thats all xD