Original belongs to their righfull owner ! // Name: Ryotaro Takanashi ( just call him ryo XD ) | Age: 19 | DOB: 22nd March | Affiliation: Konohagakure | Rank: Jo-Nin | Weapon: a big sword XD | Other: well..he is not a ''normal'' ninja xD..he is something like a mechanic guy or smth like that XD ( don't know it in english XD, no he is not a robot if u understand it like that ! XD ) well yea..so ...he is repairing and tuning a lot of things or so XD yea... i just love smexy mechanic guys T3T XD // it took me about 3 fuckin days XD ..but..thats because i always changed the base xD so yea .w. ....yuukis older brother ! XD ..he looks much MORE like his mother xDD..yea xD..thats all i think..hope chu like it ? o;