yeeeeeeeea q-------------q one year Akira x Cookie ! q--------q // cpl with dude ! DDDDDDD8< and i love our cpl so muuuuuuch ! q------q // weeeeeeeeel shame on me D8 because i just made this fuckin picture, and...and dude made a fuckin cutie video and an.....yeaaaaaaaaa q--------------q // well...thispicture should be smth like a timeline .w. ( from left to right o; ) well, the first picture ( i mean the left one xD ) is smth like their first date ? xDD, and the 2nd one is their wedding .w. and the last one is umm...when cookie ( yea her name is cookie xDDD ) is pregnant...yea...FAil XDD...........wellllll LOVE THEM BTW C':