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18th st. 3x's 405North 51Trouble Gangsta Crip 52 Hoover Gang 54st. 54th st. 54th VNG 54VNGB 55 NHC 55NHC 57nhc 58 NHC 5800BLK 58nhc 60fwy 62HPB 83Gangsta Crip Adjustment: Color Adjustment: Crop Adjustment: Fix Adjustment: Resize Adjustment: Rotate Adjustment: Vibrance Alleys Allhood Antelope Valley apg Avenues Beach Bloods Border: Sex Border: Simple Border: Tolv Brims Broadway Budlong ave California California Highway Patrol carl's jr Cars CHP CPF64th Cr Crenshaw Crenshaw Blvd Crenshaw Blvd Los Angeles Crenshaw Mall Crenshaw plaza shopping center Crip Crip Gang Garffiti CRIPS Cruise Ship Custom Denker Ave Denver Lane Blood DLB Downtown L.A. Dowtown L.A. Dub Show Dubs East L.A. Eight Tray Gangsta Crip Eighteen st. Ese's ETG's eye eyeball F13 Fashion District FFC Fifty's Figueroa st Figueroa St. Foety's Freeway Gang Graffiti Gang tattoos Ghetto Bird glasses gloden sky Graffiti Graffiti art Griffith Observatory Park Griffith Park Observatory guns hazel eyes HCG's HCG74 HeliCOPter hollywood hollywood sign Hoodsta Crip Hoodsta's HOODSTA'z Hoova Criminal hoover gangsta crip Hotel Figueroa Hyde Park district IFG Inglewood International Airport King Blvd Korea Town L.A. General Hospital LAPD lax Los a Los Angeles losa Main~N~ Washington Malibu Maro Marriot Hotel Figueroa corridor California Mural NAYBAHOOD CRIP Nayborhood NAYBORHOOD CRIP Neighborhood Crip NHC No cutts Normandie Ave Nothing But Trouble ocean Olympic Blvd Original Overlay: Angry Overlay: Glimmer Overlay: Gritty Overlay: Mystic Overlay: Resort Overlay: Wave Palm Trees Palmdale Palmdale Swapmeet park Parking lot Pearblossom Hwy 138 R20'sNHB R50'sNHC R60'S R60's NHC Rich Rollin' Rims Rollin 60 Crip Rollin 60's Rollin'40's Rollin'50's RSC San Pedro Shotgun SixDueceHarvard Park Brims Sixties Sixty's Slauson Slauson Ave South Central South Central L.A. SOUTH CENTRAL LOS ANGELES South Siders SUR13 TGC's TGC51 the hood Traffic Stop trouble gangsta crip Union Station Van Ness Gangsta Brims Van Ness Gansta Venice Beach Vermont Ave VNG's VNGB w/s 18st Wall Banging west los angeles western ave Westocoast graffiti Wilshire Blvd XV111 XV3

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